I can help provide you with a secure feeling for both yourself and your family members, through proper estate planning and asset protection. Call for a  free consultation

What Happens When You Call Jim?

When you call, you will immediately get to speak directly with me and schedule a complimentary consultation at your earliest convenience. Often same-day appointments are available 

My best client is an ‘Educated Client”. At our first meeting, I am devoted to getting to know all about you and your family and your goals, and to explain your estate planning options in language that you can understand. When you meet me you have access to the benefit of my 50 years of experience in the preparation of 1000+ estate plans.

Whenever somebody passes away, steps need to be taken regardless of whether the individual was well prepared for it or not. The simple consideration of death and estate planning can bring anxiety and uneasiness. 

I can help provide you with a secure feeling for both yourself and your family members, through proper estate planning and asset protection.

Proper Estate Planning

By understanding estate planning laws and implementing wills, trusts and other estate planning tools, you can begin to establish an estate plan created to help deal with health-related decisions and asset preservation during your life and at death. Effective estate planning will help identify, manage and organize your property on your terms.

Knowing which estate plan choices and tools are best does not need to be a complicated task. You really should feel at ease, as I will assist you with pinpointing your estate planning objectives and requirements while identifying expected solutions. With more than 48 years of firm experience, I am well prepared to guide you through the entire process for a successful plan.

Right now is the time to think about your loved ones, your dreams, and your future. How will your possessions be passed on to your family members, particularly minor children? Who will take guardianship of your kids once you are departed? Does your family understand your final plans? What will happen to my small business once I die? Is it going to continue to fund my family?

For some, it is essential to prepare for their business succession requirements and address retirement investments with tax issues, or to support their favored charitable groups. Only proper estate planning and business succession can offer a transparent plan for business people wanting to pass their ownership to their desired beneficiaries. 

I can layout both uncomplicated and extremely complex estate plans that will account for all your desires, and to ensure family peace and succession preferences. I assist clients in developing an estate plan that targets many concerns one may experience throughout their lifetimes.

Documents for A Well Crafted Estate Plan

  • Living Trust
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Certificate of Trust
  • Deed to transfer real estate
  • Assignment of Personal Property
  • Medical Power of Attorney/ Living Will
  • Financial Power of Attorney

Once you decide on an estate plan, I will normally complete the documents within one week. When we meet to sign your documents, I will thoroughly explain each and every document of your estate plan. You will leave with a comprehensive Estate Planning Portfolio and the sense of satisfaction that you have everything in place to take care of you and the future of your family.