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The Law Offices of Gary Churak P.C.
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We Protect Your Assets So You Can Enjoy Them

Asset Protection Law Firm

We Protect Your Assets So You Can Enjoy Them

Estate Planning Attorney Scottsdale, AZ

We Protect Your Assets So You Can Enjoy Them

Estate Planning Attorney Canton, MI

We Protect Your Assets So You Can Enjoy Them

Living Trusts and Wills

We Protect Your Assets So You Can Enjoy Them

Elder Law Attorney


In the midst of this evolving COVID-19 crisis, I want to assure you that I am still operational every day via phone and e-mail. I can help you navigate all of your Estate Planning and Asset Protection concerns, and especially, at this time, with both Medical & Financial Powers of Attorney.  I encourage you to contact me by phone (see above), or by e-mail (, or by completing the Message Box below, to consult me with your questions or concerns. I would be happy to update your documents so you and your family can rest easy knowing you are protected moving forward.

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Asset Protection, Probate and Estate Planning Law Firm

Welcome to the Law Offices of James F. Malinowski, with office locations in Scottsdale, AZ and Canton, MI.  I have served families and businesses with legal matters since my admission to the Bar in 1973.

During my 48 year tenure, I have represented clients in District, Circuit, and Probate Courts, and my extensive knowledge of the Court System shows how the Law works for you to avoid unwanted surprises.

I am an Asset Protection and Estate Planning Specialist, and my law practice focuses on comprehensive knowledge and service in the following areas:

  • Estate Planning, Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, Wills, Enhanced Life Estate (Lady Bird) Deeds
  • Decedents Estates in Probate
  • Elder Law Issues
  • Powers of Attorney, including Health Care & Financial

Successful Asset Protection planning is a powerful process that calls for an in-depth approach utilizing every necessary tool to lawfully protect and guard your assets.

The framework that I apply will help protect and secure your wealth so you can enjoy the benefits and so your heirs get the greatest benefit. Recommended programs can also defend your susceptible assets from potential predators or aggressive creditors.

Let us develop a perfectly executed Asset Protection Plan for you, through the use of a variety of creative alternatives that will give you control and productive use of your assets while also saving the greatest amount of wealth for your heirs and also avoiding the Probate process.

To schedule a consultation in Arizona, please call (480) 625-9830 - In Michigan call (734) 283-0540

Developing a successful Asset Protection Plan is a recommended strategy for clients with even moderate or modest saved wealth and assets.

We develop customized and individualized legal remedies that are closely personalized to your specified goals and guarantee that your hard-earned financial assets are not subject to the delays and expenses of a probate court legal proceeding.

We incorporate legal methods that ensure that your loved-ones are safeguarded and your plans are preserved even in your absence.

We do this by helping you to develop your overall plans and ambitions. Our experienced estate planning process of personalizing and developing an estate plan that conveys your wishes. 

We seek to utilize cutting-edge, full-service estate planning combining common strategies that may include Revocable Living Trusts, Last Will and Testaments, Durable Financial Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, and Health Care Powers of Attorney. 

Delivering Experience, Strategy and Personal Service

I have over 48 years of asset protection and estate planning expertise and have developed and administered hundreds of sophisticated estate plans. 

If you want a new trust, modifications to your will, or are going through probate, you can rely on our personalized strategy and knowledge to make certain your personal matters are in order and your loved ones are safeguarded.

When you meet with Jim Malinowski, you are preserving the future of your family members and your financial assets.

Developing a comprehensive and tailor-made estate plan is one of the most significant actions you can take for the long term future. Don't get worried; I will be there with you, helping you through every detail.

Elder Law

What Can an Elder Law Attorney Do For You? Elder law attorneys and elder care lawyers deal with issues related to elderland and disabled people.

Estate Planning

Risks of Failing To Make an Estate Plan? Thorough estate planning gives family members assurance that affairs will be managed properly, no matter what the future brings.

Living Trusts

Who Should Get a Living Trust? Anyone, young or old, who has assets and wants to avoid the intervention of the Probate Court should consider a Living Trust.

Power of Attorney

Is a Power of Attorney Best for You? There are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether a power of attorney seems logical for you.
Proactive San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney helping clients arrested or accused of DUI, DWI, drug possession, theft and sex crimes.

Why Choose James Malinowski?

My best client is an ‘Educated Client”. Our first meeting is complimentary and is devoted to getting to know all about you and your family and your goals and explaining all your estate planning options in language that you can understand. 

You will meet with me and have access to and the benefit of my 48 years of experience in the preparation of 1000+ estate plans.

 I am often available for same day appointments. Once you decide on an estate plan, I will complete the documents within one week. When we meet to sign your documents, I will thoroughly explain each and every document.

You will leave with an Estate Planning Portfolio and the sense of satisfaction that you have everything in place to take care of you and your family.

James F. Malinowski
Estate Planning LawyerElder Care LawyerLiving Trusts LawyerEstate and Probate Lawyer
• Living Trust - Revocable or Irrevocable Trusts • Pour Over Will • Certificate of Trust Existence • Warranty Deed • Assignment of Personal Property • Medical Power of Attorney/Living Will • Financial Power of Attorney
Thorough estate planning gives family members assurance that affairs will be managed properly, no matter what the future brings. Without the proper documents in place, your estate can end up in Probate Court, both while you are alive and after your death. At that point the Judge will make decisions about your well-being and your assets based on the law, not based on your wishes. Not only does the Probate Court make legal decisions, but your assets are subjected to unwanted expenses which may considerably diminish the estate’s value. With proper documentation from a well-executed estate plan, your assets will be protected from the unnecessary financial burden of going through a lengthy probate process. The proper choices of asset protection in advance will provide long lasting benefits for the preservation of your estate.
Whether young or old, everyone has spent their lifetime accumulating assets. No one can tell you what to do with the things you own. You can spend your assets, give them away, or save and continue to compile and collect more capital. Estate planning is the process of getting ready for life’s uncertainties, and creating contingency plans for any possible significant event that one might have to contend with. As there are sure to be issues in everyone’s lifetime, a solid estate plan should deal with preparing for these challenges and eventually the disposition of property at death. To better prepare for such eventualities, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other legal tools are essential to safeguard assets and provide effective management of those assets. Estate planning is the design of an individual’s estate, employing the laws of different disciplines. Since estate planning consists of the management of a person’s assets during their life, and disposition after their death, only an expert estate planning attorney should provide legal advice necessary for such a detailed plan.
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